21.9.2019: CAR SCENE SLOVENIA Tour #2 “The Second Drive”

21.9.2019: CAR SCENE SLOVENIA Tour #2 “The Second Drive”


Our biggest event to date with over 70 cars participating.

Starting off in the gorgeous Marina Portorož, with a breakfast and meet up of all participants. A sight to see.


Departing towards Koper and trough the little town of Rižana, we made our way across the border into Croatia to our first pit stop in Buzet. After that, a short sprint followed to the bottom of Vela Učka mountain which proved itself to be quite a challenge and everyone enjoyed the view from the top afterwards.

Continuing trough Opatija and hopping back across the border to our lunch stop in Ilirska Bistrica. Park Seventeen hosted all of the approximately 200 participants and made sure nobody left the lunch stop hungry.


After that, the route took us past Knežak and towards Postojna where we neglected the highway in favor of the regional road and headed towards Logatec where we made our final stop in Grajski Park Vitez and headed towards Ljubljana on the highway while our photographers made sure that no car was left unphotographed.


Finishing up in Boschtiz Litostroj, everyone had the chance to take one final look at the cars before we all parted ways.


Check out some more pictures in the gallery below!