3.5.2020 CAR SCENE SLOVENIA and BmwBlog take over Raceland Krško

3.5.2020 CAR SCENE SLOVENIA and BmwBlog take over Raceland Krško

Waking up and just gazing upon the fog covering the city of Ljubljana wasn’t giving us the impression that we were in for a fantastic Sunday morning. But, we were going to our own kind of church – a race track.

Meeting up with others and cruising together towards our destination revealed a gorgeous day ahead. We used loud music to drown the annoying hum of our exhaust on the highway towards Raceland Krško.

Thanks to BMWBlog Slovenija, we had the racetrack all to ourselves for the morning slot and everyone was just super excited to get started at 8 a.m. sharp. And that’s how it started – with the first oversteering moment out of the second corner, track wet, almost 500 horsepower under my left foot and a notoriously tight Raceland circuit that was just begging for sideways action. After a couple of sighting laps, mostly meant for taking pictures of  the M4, the M2 and the M6 we had some idea of where the grip was and wasn’t and that’s when the rest of the Car Scene Slovenia Crew joined us on the racetrack.

What a sight! A Mercedes-Benz AMG GT-S trying to escape the Quattro clutches of the Audi RS5 that was burbling away with an Akrapovič Evolution exhaust. The small Abarth crackling away and genuinely being quite a sight to see because it was keeping up with the much heavier M6 that was getting into the sideways action in every exit. Some amazing match-ups but in the end, nobody cared about the times. What everyone cared about was the fact that every single driver that put their car on track, a little chuckle when you heard the tires squeal. That’s what it was all about, pushing the cars to and beyond the limit, safely.

So yes! In the end, it just lasted an hour and we all wanted more. We at Car Scene Slovenia are leaning towards doing more track days, would you join us?

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